Rites of Spring
Réalisé par : Padraig Reynolds
Nationalité : USA
langue du film : English
Durée : 1 saat 20 dakika

Rites of Spring

03 June 2020 Horror, Thriller

This movie is about Rachel and her friend who are taken by someone while in a car park while changing a tire. They wake up in a strange barn tied up and frightened. They know that things are going to get worse. The reason why they are abducted becomes clear as there is a horrible secret in the town where girls have gone missing each Spring for many years, and this year is no different. Meanwhile a group of kidnappers are plotting to take the child of a prominent business man and his wife. They take the child and go to a farm where they wait to get their ransom. The two groups collide when Rachel escapes but is chased by a stranger wearing a mask of some sort. She runs to the farm where the kidnappers are and all hell breaks loose.

Réalisé en : 2011
Titre original : Os Ritos da Primavera